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Speak Up For Endangered Wildlife

Humpback WhaleBecome a voice for endangered species! Join our team of citizen advocates as part of our new campaign, Conservation Crossroads: Extinction or Recovery? We’re working to speed up the recovery of endangered wildlife and prevent them from spiraling toward extinction.

Today, endangered wildlife need more champions in Congress, more funding for conservation efforts vital to their survival, and more legislators who will support policies to combat climate change and who will oppose attempts to weaken the Endangered Species Act. Most of all, they need your voice.

Defenders of Wildlife’s team of citizen advocates works throughout the country to promote pro-wildlife policies, share our priorities with elected officials, and encourage media coverage of threats to wildlife. Wherever you live, you can make a difference alongside other pro-wildlife volunteers and our staff of outreach representatives. 

Please indicate which activities you would be interested in, and our staff will be in touch to discuss how you can get involved. And don’t worry if you’re new to this—our staff and volunteers will provide any training and information you might need and will be available to help with any questions.

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