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Defenders of Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center

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  1. If you participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), donate by designating Defenders of Wildlife (our CFC number is 10624).

  2. Send a message to your elected representatives and other officials on important wildlife issues through Defenders’ Wildlife Action Center at

  3. Adopt an imperiled animal through our wildlife adoption program and pass along the conservation message to a friend or loved one. Or give a Wolf-Saving Gift or another gift through our Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center at

  4. Refuse to purchase or support the importation of wild rainforest birds of any kind. The trade in such birds results in the destruction of fast-disappearing rainforest habitat. And the conditions in which these birds are shipped are terribly inhumane!

  5. Get the latest tips on how to make a difference for our wild animals and places through volunteering or making changes in your own life at

  6. Check with wildlife authorities before clearing or filling in land or redirecting small streams. You could be disturbing wildlife that lives in these areas.

  7. Help us stop the barbaric aerial gunning of wolves in Alaska and prevent the slaughter of wolves in the Greater Yellowstone National Park region at

  8. Join local groups in their efforts to clean up rivers and creeks.

  9. Avoid using open flames outdoors, unless strictly supervised. It takes just one spark to destroy areas of fields and forests.

  10. Leave a bequest for wildlife by naming Defenders of Wildlife in your will, trust, retirement plan, or insurance policy. Go to for helpful information.