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Photo: © Hannes Grobe

Photo: © Hannes Grobe

With their tuxedo-like plumage and charming good looks, penguins are often stars on the big screen. But behind the glitz and glamour is a tragic story: Penguin populations have decreased by nearly 80 percent in some areas, and most scientists agree that the primary culprit is rising temperatures due to climate change.

How Your Adoption Helps Penguins

Your adoption helps Defenders' continue to be a powerful advocate for legislation and policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote clean energy and protect vital wildlife habitat from being exposed to increased fossil fuel development such as oil drilling in the Arctic.

All donations support our work to protect and restore the wildlife and wild places you care about.

Adoption Levels

Large Penguin Chick
 Adoption includes 14" plush
Penguin Mom and Chick
 Adoption includes 12" plush
Penguin Family
 Adoption includes 10" plush
Eco-Plush Penguin
 Adoption includes 9" plush
Ice House Penguin
 Adoption includes 6.5" ice house plush
 Adoption includes 8.5" plush

How Your Adoption Helps to Protect Species and Habitats

Named "America's Best Wildlife Charity" by Reader's Digest, Defenders of Wildlife has been a leading innovator in developing the most effective ways to conserve imperiled wildlife and wild lands for over 65 years. Your adoption donation will immediately be put to use where it is most needed to achieve these goals.