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Defenders of Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center
Defenders of Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center

Schools & Large Adoption Orders

Defenders of Wildlife is happy to provide schools, companies, nonprofits and other organizations discounts for large orders through our popular Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center.

For example, Defenders has partnered with student organizations, classrooms and schools who have offered adoptions to their fellow students, teachers, staff and friends. These partnerships have:

  • Delighted students and student organizations who have made a difference in saving wildlife and received recognition through articles and pictures in local and major market newspapers.
  • Educated students, parents, staff and friends about the human threats facing our endangered wildlife and the habitat it needs to survive.
  • Resulted in substantial discounts on adoption orders.
  • Generated caring donations to Defenders of Wildlife which have been immediately put to the best use to save our imperiled wild animals for future generations to enjoy.

If you are interested in making a large adoption order or partnering with us, please email us at:

Thank you! We're excited to work with you to save our wild animals and wild lands!

How Your Adoption Helps to Protect Species and Habitats

2010 Uses of Funds

Readers DigestNamed "America's Best Wildlife Charity" by Reader's Digest, Defenders of Wildlife has been a leading innovator in developing the most effective ways to conserve imperiled wildlife and wild lands for over 60 years. Your adoption donation will immediately be put to use where it is most needed to achieve these goals.

Adoption kits and other gifts can be shipped to U.S. addresses only. Please allow 7-10 days delivery via USPS First Class mail – between November 25th and December 15th allow 4- 4 days for delivery via USPS Frist Class mail. The US Postal Service does not guarantee delivery times.

Want to notify someone of your adoption or gift right away? You can download, personalize, and print or e-mail a Digital Certificate and Fact Sheet right from your receipt page after completing checkout (for Adoptions and Wolf-Saving Gifts).

2013 Holiday Shipping and Delivery:

Order with FREE shipping by 11:59 PM EST Sunday, December 15th to guarantee delivery by December 24th

Order with Express shipping by 11:59 PM EST Thursday, December 19th to guarantee delivery by December 24th

Order with Super Express shipping by 11:59 PM EST Sunday, December 22nd to guarantee delivery by December 24th

Shipping Costs:

Express Shipping – ($6 additional donation per item)

Super Express Shipping- ($15 additional donation per item)

Customer Support | Schools/Large Adoption Orders | Privacy Policy | Ways to Protect Wildlife

  1. If you participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), donate by designating Defenders of Wildlife (our CFC number is 10624).

  2. Send a message to your elected representatives and other officials on important wildlife issues through Defenders’ Wildlife Action Center at

  3. Adopt an imperiled animal through our wildlife adoption program and pass along the conservation message to a friend or loved one. Or give a Wolf-Saving Gift or another gift through our Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center at

  4. Refuse to purchase or support the importation of wild rainforest birds of any kind. The trade in such birds results in the destruction of fast-disappearing rainforest habitat. And the conditions in which these birds are shipped are terribly inhumane!

  5. Get the latest tips on how to make a difference for our wild animals and places through volunteering or making changes in your own life at

  6. Check with wildlife authorities before clearing or filling in land or redirecting small streams. You could be disturbing wildlife that lives in these areas.

  7. Help us stop the barbaric aerial gunning of wolves in Alaska and prevent the slaughter of wolves in the Greater Yellowstone National Park region at

  8. Join local groups in their efforts to clean up rivers and creeks.

  9. Avoid using open flames outdoors, unless strictly supervised. It takes just one spark to destroy areas of fields and forests.

  10. Leave a bequest for wildlife by naming Defenders of Wildlife in your will, trust, retirement plan, or insurance policy. Go to for helpful information.