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Adopt a Blue Whale

Before whaling became a common practice, hundreds of thousands of blue whales swam our oceans. Today, experts estimate there are only a few thousand. Though whaling has been banned, blue whales are struggling to recover. The same factors put all our oceans’ whales at risk: Collisions with ships, and entanglement in fishing lines and nets.

How Your Adoption Helps Blue Whales

Your adoption helps Defenders' work to establish speed limits and other protections to keep whales from being hit and killed by fast moving ships, and to continue fighting for safer fishing methods that will prevent whales from getting wrapped up in fishing lines that can cut deeply into their skin.

All donations support our work to protect and restore the wildlife and wild places you care about.

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How Your Adoption Helps to Protect Species and Habitats

Named "America's Best Wildlife Charity" by Reader's Digest, Defenders of Wildlife has been a leading innovator in developing the most effective ways to conserve imperiled wildlife and wild lands for over 65 years. Your adoption donation will immediately be put to use where it is most needed to achieve these goals.