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Photo: © Dawn Wilson

Photo: © Dawn Wilson

Though millions of bison once thundered across the Great Plains, they were almost entirely wiped out. Today human intolerance prevents bison from regaining their native habitat, and only a very small number of genetically pure wild bison are allowed to exist in small, select areas.

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Your adoption supports Defenders’ efforts to stop the slaughter of wild bison that leave Yellowstone National Park, and restore them to more places across the Great Plains. We also work to educate the public about the important role that bison play in prairie ecosystems.

All donations support our work to protect and restore the wildlife and wild places you care about.

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Named "America's Best Wildlife Charity" by Reader's Digest, Defenders of Wildlife has been a leading innovator in developing the most effective ways to conserve imperiled wildlife and wild lands for over 65 years. Your adoption donation will immediately be put to use where it is most needed to achieve these goals.