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Nancy Hunter shows her support for the ESAWhy Does Wildlife Matter to You? 

The House of Representatives recently passed legislation that would gut the Endangered Species Act, and the Senate could soon follow. 

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Help us remind Washington why protecting our treasured wild animals and great wild places is so important. We'll post as many of your stories as possible on this page and share them with the media and the Senators who will decide the fate of the Endangered Species Act.

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People from across the country are standing up and speaking out on why they think we need to protect our vanishing wildlife. Here's what just a few have to say...

The Protector, The Predator, The Teacher

The Protector, The Predator, The Teacher

We Are the Caretakers

Hornets for lunch

A year when the hornets dropped in every afternoon for lunch with the cats.


A raccoon came to visit, and pretended to be a cat.

Our Natural World

We Are All Related

Animals teach us how to live.

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