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Special interests never rest — big oil, timber farms, mining companies; all have deep pockets…

Your gift to Defenders of Wildlife helps to even the odds. We need to fight back against special interests trying to undo and prevent laws that protect imperiled wildlife.

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It's a full time job just to preserve and enforce laws that are already on the books. Special interests pour millions into high priced lobbyists and lawyers. With the support of people like you, we're able to battle these anti-wildlife forces, at the state and federal level. We provide a strong defense for vulnerable wildlife.

Here are some of the urgent issues we're focused on this October:

Wildlife Smuggling

Hundreds of wildlife species are literally being traded into extinction. The United States has a critical role to play in protecting an abundance of species that are being driven to the brink, and we will be there to push our leaders to lead.


Wolves and Bears in Alaska

Even before the ink had dried on the new U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conservation rule, special interests in Congress were advancing measures to allow the excessive and extreme killing of bears and wolves on federal wildlife refuges in Alaska. We will fight to make sure these native species are protected.

Gray Wolf


People and panthers can co-exist. Defenders is advocating for our wildlife habitat network plan to conserve wildlife corridors across the panhandle of Florida.


Good Decisions

Defenders is well respected and gets high marks by the charity rating agencies. And what matters more is that we are taking action that will protect and preserve imperiled wildlife and their habitats.

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