America’s Wolves Need Your Help!

Wolf Water Bottle

Receive our wolf water bottle for free with a donation of $25 or more!

Across the country, anti-wolf extremists are waging an all-out war on America’s wolves.

Your donation will help us continue to:

  • Fight against proposed bills that would put a shockingly low cap on the wolf population instead of maintaining healthy numbers like other wildlife species;
  • Be on the ground in local communities to dispel misconceptions and anti-wolf propaganda; and to build political opposition to a host of anti-wolf bills;
  • Work with ranchers, private landowners and others to pioneer non-lethal strategies so that wolves and livestock can peacefully coexist.

We're going to do whatever it takes to keep needed protections for wolves and other iconic species. Please make an emergency donation to support our work.

To make your gift go even further, become a Wildlife Guardian for just $9/month and help save critically endangered animals every day. Sign up today!

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