Protect freshwater, wildlife and Texas communities!

Golden-cheeked warbler

A new natural gas pipeline threatens habitat for vulnerable wildlife and freshwater for millions of Texans.

Just constructing the Kinder Morgan Permian Highway Pipeline is a threat to imperiled wildlife: The current route slices through habitat for the endangered Golden cheeked warbler and across underground caves critical to threatened and endangered salamanders.

But the threat to freshwater could be even worse: Gas leaks could affect over two million people in the San Antonio – Austin corridor, and ruptures could contaminate freshwater used by millions of people for generations.

Despite this, no proper environmental or geological studies have been done to promise this project is safe to Texas communities and wildlife.

Millions of people are at risk. We need Texans to stand up to this reckless project before we learn the dangers the hard way!

Tell Governor Abbott: Don't let our communities and wildlife suffer from a rushed and dangerous gas pipeline!

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Protect our water: Keep the Kinder Morgan Permian Highway Pipeline out of the Edward's Plateau

Dear Governor Abbott,

We the undersigned, concerned citizens and friends of Texas, respectfully ask you to keep the Kinder Morgan Permian Highway Pipeline out of the Edward's Aquifer region of the Edward's Plateau, in order to protect our water, communities, and wildlife. Due to the fragile nature of the aquifer, the current pipeline route has the potential to cause irreparable damage to our groundwater for generations to come.

The pipeline is being built without proper environmental or geological studies, so there most likely will be shifts in the fractured limestone or karst ecosystem, which will affect water flow and retention in our rivers, creeks, springs and aquifer. These changes could jeopardize freshwater sources for nearly five million people in central Texas. Moreover, the construction of the pipeline will damage vital habitats for endangered species such as the golden cheeked warbler and the Barton Springs Salamander, among others.

This region, known as the Texas Hill Country, depends on healthy ecosystems for its economy, from historical ranching to the booming technology industry and nature tourism. We must ensure a clean water supply to support the area's rapidly growing population. The needs of the pipeline cannot be placed above our quality of life and must protect our resources and future development. Prior to any construction, decisions regarding the route must consider population centers, aquifer recharge zones, volatile karst limestone and endangered species. Kinder Morgan should comply with all federal and state environmental laws and regulations for this project.

The Permian Highway Pipeline should follow a safer route, and Kinder Morgan should be held to the highest standards regarding the pipeline's route, construction and maintenance. We implore you to intervene in the current process to defend and protect our communities, our nature and our water before it is too late.

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