Stop the cycle of wolf killings in Washington

Gray Wolf (c) Amy Gerber

Year after year, Washington state has sanctioned the killing of wolves on federal public lands in the Kettle River Range, near the Idaho border. The given rationale for these killings is ongoing conflicts between wolves and livestock grazing in the region. But these public lands are prime wolf habitat, and the state has never adequately pursued non-lethal methods of reducing wolf-livestock conflicts.

Instead, killing these wolves has become the default in northeast Washington.

Enough is enough: Recently, Gov. Jay Inslee sent a letter demanding that the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife rethink its approach to wolf management in the Kettle River area to prioritize wolf-human coexistence and end the chain of lethal removals.

The WDFW needs to know that the public won't stand for senseless wolf killings. Join us in sending a message to support proper wolf management right now!

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