Act now to save starving southern resident orcas!

Southern Resident (c) NOAA

Critically endangered southern resident orcas have been starving one by one as populations of the chinook salmon they need to survive have also plummeted.

Right now, dams on the lower Columbia and Lower Snake rivers make it difficult – if not impossible – for juvenile salmon to make their way to the ocean, and for adults to return home to spawn.

Luckily, Oregon and Washington have a plan. To help more fish reach the ocean safely, they’re working together to maximize the amount of water spilled over those dams. They’ve increased spill before, but recent research shows they can increase this even further without harming juvenile salmon.

There's hope for southern resident orcas and chinook salmon. Tell Washington's Department of Ecology: Increase spill on the lower Columbia and Lower Snake rivers to help save these struggling species!

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