Protect marine wildlife from plastic pollution

Sea Turtle (c) iStock

Our oceans are home to sea otters, sea lions, turtles, whales, dolphins – and up to 19 billion additional pounds of plastic are dumped into these oceans every year.

These plastics are polluting the world's oceans, harming and even killing marine life. You've seen the heartbreaking devastation – and now, there's something you can do about it.

The California State Legislature is considering two bold bills that would reduce the amount of plastic waste that our state produces: Assembly Bill (AB) 1080 and Senate Bill (SB) 54.

These bills would reduce the amount of single-use food containers, packaging and produce sold in California and require that at least 75% of the remaining items be recycled and composted. And by 2030, this legislation would mandate that all single-use packaging and products in the state be recyclable or compostable.

Please take a moment to tell your assemblymember and senator: Support AB 1080 and SB 54, and save our marine wildlife from deadly plastic pollution!

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