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Yes on SB 307: Protect desert habitat and wildlife!

Senate Bill (SB) 307 will protect important desert wildlife habitat for bighorn sheep, desert kit foxes and desert tortoises by requiring state agencies to allow the Cadiz Project, which proposes to drain an ancient desert aquifer by pumping out billions of gallons of water every year, to proceed only if the agencies determine that the project is not likely to have a negative impact on the desert environment and its wildlife.

But this bill needs to move out of the Senate Appropriations Committee by May 16th or it will be dead for the year. We’re calling on California Senate Leaders, Senators Toni Atkins and Anthony Portantino to lead the charge to move this bill forward!

Voice your support for SB 307 and this critical environmental review process now!

California District 39 Residents: You can make an even greater impact by also placing a call to Senate President Toni Atkins' office. Please call 916-651-4039 and leave a brief message with the staffer who answers:

    "I'd like to leave a message for Senate President Atkins. My name is _____ and I live in _______. I urge Senator Atkins to ensure passage of SB 307 and protect our Mojave Desert for California's wildlife and all Californians."

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