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Keep critical Clean Water Act protections!

Wildlife and humans depend on clean, safe water to survive. It’s the number one environmental concern of Americans; many of us are still dealing with unsafe drinking water.

The Clean Water Act stands between us and catastrophic pollution, widespread habitat loss, and threats to the health of wildlife and people alike.

But this week, the administration proposed to massively scale back protections under the Clean Water Act. New guidelines propose to strip protections from over half our wetlands, and agencies could later adopt a rule that would threaten at least 70% of our nation’s streams.

Those streams are vital to ensuring we have enough drinking water, and they support habitat from coast to coast, providing homes for many species of fish, birds, and other wildlife. But if these changes go through, we'll be powerless to stop these threats currently prevented by the Clean Water Act:

  • Industrial facilities and water treatment plants could discharge chemicals and partially treated sewage into streams without paying Clean Water Act fines or meeting federal water quality standards;

  • Commercial developers would be able to pave over many wetlands without a permit, ruining wildlife habitats and increasing flooding;

  • Oil spills into streams and wetlands would no longer be considered violations of this act;

  • And the public could no longer use citizen suits under this act to fight back!

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