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Save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

Greedy special interests and extremists have been trying to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for more than 30 years – and now they’re closer than ever!

If successful, the Arctic Refuge could become a free-for-all for Big Oil and a nightmare for polar bears, Arctic foxes, caribou, muskoxen and many other unique and imperiled species that call this highly-sensitive ecosystem home.

The Trump administration’s reckless dash to expedite drilling and desecrate the Arctic Refuge is unacceptable, and Defenders will not stand by and watch them destroy this incredible landscape.

Please, speak out and help protect this invaluable landscape for future generations and for the wildlife we all love!

*Defenders will submit your name, city, state and comment to the appropriate federal offices. All comments will become part of the public record.

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Don't sell out the Arctic Refuge to Big Oil!

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