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Don't Let Congress Cash in on the Arctic Refuge

Arctic wildlife are already in a race against time living at ground zero for climate change but now their troubles could intensify.

The Trump administration has been unrelenting in its push to put profits ahead of wildlife in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but even their most fervent efforts haven’t gotten them far because it still takes an act of Congress to open the Arctic Refuge to drilling.

Sadly, that one barrier could vanish in the blink of an eye as anti-wildlife members of Congress try to sneak Arctic Refuge drilling provisions into budget legislation. If successful, the Arctic Refuge could become a free-for-all for Big Oil and a nightmare for polar bears, arctic foxes, caribou, musk oxen and the countless other unique and imperiled species that call this highly-sensitive ecosystem home.

Tell Congress to oppose any attempt to roll out the red carpet for Big Oil and devastate the Arctic Refuge and the species that call it home.

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