Don’t let Congress throw the ESA Under the Bus!

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is supported by more than 90 percent of American voters, but that doesn’t seem to matter to certain members of Congress who are quietly pushing through their anti-wildlife agenda.

The House is preparing to vote on a massive bill to fund the federal government, including the Department of the Interior. And because this is a “must pass” bill, these shameless representatives are using it as a vehicle for anti-ESA attacks. If they are successful in sneaking anti-wildlife riders through, these lawmakers could remove ESA protections for individual species, undermine the role of science in wildlife conservation and cut nearly 17 percent of the budget that protects new species under the ESA.

It is devious and downright dirty to use a necessary funding bill as a vehicle to by which to throw wildlife under the bus.

Don’t let anti-ESA lawmakers get away with underhanded schemes to weaken and even dismantle the ESA!

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