Act Now to Save California's Remaining Wetlands

California’s wetlands have been decimated in the last century – in fact they've been reduced by more than 90 percent!

These wetlands serve as important habitat for millions of wintering waterfowl and as a critical stopover for migratory shorebirds travelling on the Pacific Flyway. Wetlands provide habitat for fish, snakes and an abundance of other wildlife – including 55 percent of the endangered animals in California. They also purify water, protect communities against flooding, help replenish groundwater supplies and contribute millions of dollars to local economies.

But despite their crucial importance to both wildlife and human communities, wetlands continue to be lost at an alarming rate in California. California’s State Water Resources Control Board has put forth a long-awaited draft policy intended to halt destruction of the state’s remaining wetlands.

Take action now: Urge the board to adopt the strongest possible policy to preserve California's last remaining wetlands.

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