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Keep Wolves Protected

Photo: Fabian Gorena

Keep Wolves Protected!

Gray wolf recovery in the U.S. is not complete. These wolves face rabid anti-wolf politics, aggressive lethal control, unsustainable hunting, intolerance and other threats across the entire country, and haven’t yet returned to suitable habitat in many parts of their historic range. Yet the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to strip them of Endangered Species Act protection, turning their backs on one of the best wildlife conservation stories in U.S. history before it’s finished.

When an independent board of scientists reviewed the agency’s proposal, their decision was unanimous decision: The Service’s justification for delisting gray wolves is not based on the best available science.

Please act now and demand that Secretary Jewell direct the Fish and Wildlife Service to abandon this reckless delisting proposal and allow for the full recovery of gray wolves!

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