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The state of California's swordfish fishery is unacceptable. California is the last state on the West Coast that still allows the use of harmful drift gillnets in their swordfish fishery, a practice that accidentally kills or injures 13 times more animals as bycatch than any other single observed fishery on the West Coast. Many of the species harmed, like the sperm whale, leatherback sea turtle and many varieties of shark, are protected under state and federal law or covered under international agreements.

That is why California's Sustainable Swordfish and Marine Life Protection Act (SB 1114) is so important. It would require the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to transition California’s swordfish fishery away from harmful drift gillnets to more sustainable deep-set buoy gear, making California's waters safer for marine wildlife.

Take action now! Tell California State Senator Ben Allen that you support SB 1114.

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