Ban Shipment of Shark Fins

Tell FedEx to Stop Shipping Shark Fins!

Sharks are amazing ocean predators, and they’re some of the most powerful creatures in the sea. But even they can’t survive the brutal practice of shark finning – a gruesome practice that involves catching sharks, hacking off their fins and tails – usually while they are still alive and throwing them back in the water. Unable to swim, the sharks then bleed to death, starve or drown. This brutal killing of our oceans’ apex predators must stop!

In order to stop shark finning, we must work to reduce the demand for the fins. To help with that, both UPS and DHL have ceased shipments of shark fins – a major victory in the protection of these animals, some of which are critically endangered.

Please join us in calling on FedEx to follow the example set by UPS and DHL and ban the shipment of shark fins!

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