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Red Wolf (c) Karen John Hollingsworth

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Tell NCWRC to Give Red Wolves the Protections They Desperately Need!

As a North Carolina resident, you are a deciding voice for the last remaining 100 red wolves. And with an outpouring of anti-wolf sentiment rising in North Carolina, we need people like you to speak up for a population of wolves that is desperately fighting for survival.  

In November, Defenders and our conservation allies won a temporary reprieve for red wolves, halting nighttime coyote hunting in wolf territory. Now, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Committee (NCWRC) is taking public comment on whether to list red wolves on the state’s Endangered Species Act (ESA) List as well as permanently ban nighttime coyote hunting in the areas where the last wild red wolves roam.

Tell NCWRC that you support the proposal to add red wolves to the state ESA List as well as to prohibit nighttime coyote hunting in the five county Red Wolf Recovery Area! 


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Banning Nighttime Coyote Hunting and State ESA Protections for Red Wolves

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