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Support Wild Bison Reintroduction and Recovery in Colorado!

The bison that roamed through the Baca National Wildlife Refuge and Great Sands Dunes National Park were part of the millions that once roamed North America -- until unregulated shooting led to their mass slaughter. By 1889, scarcely 1,000 bison remained in the United States.

Reintroducing new wild bison to this historic habitat and giving them more room to roam will put us one step closer to once again experiencing the awe-inspiring sound of wild bison thundering across this part of Colorado.

But despite years of bison research in the San Luis Valley where these public lands are located, FWS is proposing to wait up to ten years before making a final decision – and NPS is proposing keeping bison at very low numbers if they allow them at all. Both of these actions would lead to senseless delays and could end this opportunity for bison recovery!

Tell FWS and NPS that you value wild bison reintroduction and recovery NOW!


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Support for bison reintroduction and recovery in Colorado!

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