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Right Whale

Help Protect Northern Right Whales from Entanglement

One of the world’s most endangered whale species could face harsh new threats to their survival unless we act now.

Entanglement in fishing gear with vertical lines is one of the two biggest killers of right whales - the other being ship strikes. The current ban on these whale-killing pots only applies between November and April – when right whales and their calves are on the move along the coast between Florida and North Carolina. Because of catch limits, the continued prohibition would have no effect on the livelihoods of fishing boats in the region.

After being driven to the brink of extinction by whaling fleets, only about 450 of these remarkable animals survive today.

Help us tell the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council to maintain the seasonal prohibition on black sea bass pots during right whale migration and calving season!


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Maintain seasonal prohibition on black sea bass pots!

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