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Demand that Governor Otter Ends His Wasteful War on Wolves!

On March 26th, Governor Otter signed into law the wolf-killing bill HB470 – officially giving anti-wolf forces the green light to kill more than 500 wolves in Idaho with $400,000 of taxpayer money.

This wolf eradication plan gives the go-ahead to wipe out a majority of the wolf population in Idaho. Less than five years after our state took over wolf management, our state government is gunning them down by plane, extending the hunting and trapping seasons and generating misplaced hate in order to demonize wolves; this bill is the icing on the cake for anti-wolf forces.

Their hatred of wolves has gone too far and it’s a nationwide embarrassment to our state.

Please urge Governor Otter to stop his money-wasting War on Wolves!



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Stop wasting tax dollars on killing wolves

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