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Take Action: Stop the Wolf Killing Competition in Idaho

It could be game over for a number of Idaho’s wolves if the Idaho for Wildlife group gets their way. Their controversial wolf killing competition is set to begin December 28th; meaning we have a short window of time to save Idaho wolves from a barbaric killing competition.

Organizers of this killing competition admit that one purpose of the event is to show the world that no one can stop them from killing wolves – not you, not me, and especially not the federal government. Next weekend their twisted wish will come true if Governor Otter and the Director of Idaho Fish and Game don’t take immediate action to stop this mass killing from taking place.

Defenders is taking emergency action to stop this from happening next weekend and anytime in the future. There isn’t much time left, we need to make ourselves heard loud and clear!

Please take action and stand with us in our fight to save Idaho wolves: Tell Governor Otter and Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore: say NO to wolf and predator killing derby competitions.


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Governor Otter and Director Moore: Stop the Wolf Killing Competition in Idaho

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