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Help Make AB 711 the law in California!


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This bill, which helps protect humans and wildlife from the dangerous toxin lead, was passed overwhelmingly in the California Senate.  But now we need your help to ensure that it is passed one last time, by the California Assembly.  If it doesn’t pass by September 13th, there will be no more votes…AB 711 will be dead.

AB 711 would outlaw the use of lead ammunition throughout California. The State Assembly is set to vote on AB 711 as early as today!

Please take action below to speak out on behalf of California's wildlife.

We’re one vote away from protecting California’s wildlife and people from lead poisoning.

Last Thursday , the California Senate voted to pass AB 711, a bill that would ban the use of lead ammunition for hunting statewide! Now, it faces the final vote needed for it to pass it into law; the California Assembly.

We’re so close – tell your State Assemblymember to support AB 711, protecting California’s wildlife and people from lead poisoning!
If passed, this bill will help federally listed endangered species such as the California condor, plus countless other species such as golden eagles, mourning doves and our national symbol, the bald eagle.
If California enacts the law this year, it will be the first state to eliminate the use of lead ammunition for hunting statewide – and you can help make this happen!
Lead poisoning is an excruciating way for wildlife to die, and human exposure to it can be disastrous. The danger posed by lead ammunition is simply too great to ignore, and the time is long overdue to protect people and wildlife from this threat!

Please urge your State Assemblymember to pass AB 711, to require the use of non-lead ammunition for hunting in California.

Thanks for all you do.

Kim Delfino


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