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Tell Senator Wyden: Don't reverse years of conservation progress in Oregon's O&C forests

Greater Sage-Grouse
© Katrina Krause

The forests and wildlife that are symbolic of wild Oregon are easy to love. Unfortunately, they could be easy to lose if Senator Wyden's proposed legislation becomes law.

The federal forests that Senator Wyden is targeting are important public lands; they protect hundreds of sensitive wildlife species, provide clean drinking water, and recreational opportunities, while also producing a sustainable timber supply for Oregon and the nation. But Senator Wyden's misguided proposal for these public lands threatens to turn the clock back to an era when logging ruled all other uses and values of these forests.

As we speak, he is drafting legislation that will undermine our environmental laws in order to dramatically increase logging in a large portion of Oregon's western forests.

Please take action and urge Senator Wyden to honor our environmental laws and abandon this reckless plan.


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