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Hammerhead Shark, Barry Peters (Creative Commons)

Shark finning is helping to drive hammerheads and other species to extinction. You can help save these mighty creatures.

Help Stop Shark Finning

Shark finning is a gruesome practice. It often involves catching sharks, cutting off their fins and tails, usually while they are still alive, and throwing them back in the water. Unable to swim, the shark bleeds to death or drowns.

This awful practice poses a real threat to the survival of shark species. Overfishing of sharks continues today at unsustainable levels. Mighty hammerheads and many other types of sharks, have been decimated and graceful oceanic whitetips have almost disappeared – nearly a third of all shark species face extinction.

Please urge your New York state lawmakers to support  A.1769a/S.1711a, legislation that would ban the possession, sale, trade and distribution of fins.


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Ban Shark Fins in New York

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