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Florida panther (Photo: NPS)

© Mark Lotz/Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Tell the State Legislature Floridians Support Funding for Florida Forever

When the state legislative session begins Tuesday March 5th our elected officials need to know that Floridians strongly support Florida Forever, the public lands acquisition program that protects conservation and recreation lands and water. Senate Bill 584 and companion House Bill 901, now being introduced to the Florida state legislature, would turn the clock back on conservation efforts and jeopardize years of hard-won progress.

If enacted, SB 584 and HB 901 would cripple efforts to build a network of habitat to support Florida's remarkable diversity of wildlife.

Please contact your state senator and representative and tell them to get with the program – support $100 million to fund Florida Forever and vote NO on SB 584 and HB 901, which throttle state, county and city conservation land programs.


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