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Gray Wolf (Photo: Larry Allan)


Protect Wolves on National Forests

Under a new plan finalized by the State of Wyoming, wolves in Bridger Teton and other National Forests in Wyoming will be treated as predators not wildlife and killed on sight for most of the year.

Denning wolves are at risk. Wolf pups are at risk. And the very mission of conserving wildlife on our National Forests is at risk.

For decades, Defenders of Wildlife has led the fight to secure a brighter future for America's wolves. But we need your help today to save the lives of these magnificent animals and protect the integrity of our National Forests.

Tell President Obama and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack, who oversees the Forest Service, to draw a line in the sand and prevent wolves from being treated as predators and shot-on-sight in Bridger Teton and other National Forests. Sign the petition below…

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Wolves on Our National Forests

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a supporter of Defenders of Wildlife and someone committed to conserving wildlife and our wild lands, I strongly urge you to OPPOSE efforts to allow wolves to be shot on sight in Bridger Teton and other National Forests in Wyoming.

Our National Forests are intended for science-based sustainable wildlife management, not wildlife elimination. Wolves play a vital role in restoring native habitat and places like the Bridger Teton National Forest are an important bulwark of wildlife habitat and a key part of our national network of wildlife conservation lands.

[Your Name]

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