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Take Action: Stop the Anti-Wolf Agenda in Wisconsin!

Wolf in snow Robert Weiman

In just over two weeks, hunters and trappers in Wisconsin have killed off more than 181 wolves.

This unsettling discovery represents an extremely disturbing trend in anti-wolf attitudes and killings; one that we as wildlife supporters have a duty to try and stop.

News reports suggest that livestock and hunting and trapping interests have succeeded in taking over Wisconsin’s state Wolf Advisory Committee.

This is a frightening reality, seeing that the committee is responsible for making recommendations for their state’s wolf management plan. To make matters worse, the committee removed independent scientific experts, and added livestock and hunting and trapping interests in their place!

Appallingly, the state has authorized the killing of 251 wolves this year – nearly one-third of the state’s entire wolf population.

Take Action and help us restore the unbiased and rightful balance to this committee that Wisconsin’s wolves need and deserve.


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