Defenders of Wildlife

Green Sea Turtle Swimming CloseUp
Tell Sen. Schumer to protect
our coasts and the wildlife
that calls it home.

Tell Sen. Schumer to protect our coasts!

Over the past few days, Sen. Chuck Schumer shocked us saying he supports offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico -- a short-sighted plan that risks dolphins, sea turtles, and a host of other marine species for only a few drops of oil.

Please call Sen. Chuck Schumer and urge him to protect our precious coastlines and the wildlife living there -- and focus on real energy solutions, like efficiency, renewables, and conservation.

If you reach the Senator's voice mail, be sure to leave a message.

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 Talking Points

  • My name is [YOUR NAME] and I'm calling from [YOUR LOCATION], NY, where I live and vote.
  • I am calling to encourage Senator Schumer to protect our coasts!  I hope he will filibuster Senator Domenici's (Doh-MEN-eh-chee) offshore drilling bill in the Gulf of Mexico when it comes to the Senate floor. This bill would industrialize our coastline; threaten marine mammals; and risk coastal communities and economies with oil spills. 
  • And for what? This bill would do nothing to ease our energy crunch or lower prices at the pump.  At best estimates there are *47* days of oil in Lease Sale 181, and the oil wouldn't come on line for at least seven years!
  • We need REAL energy solutions, not more drilling and giveaways to ExxonMobil. If we simply closed the light truck fuel efficiency loophole, we would save in two years the amount of oil in Lease Sale 181.
  • We consume 25% of the world's oil, yet we sit on just 3% of world reserves. The US can never drill our way to energy independence.  So, rather than offering up our last special places for more drilling, Senator Schumer should focus on real energy solutions like efficiency, renewables and conservation.

If possible, please ask for the name and position of the staff member you speak with and log your call using the link above (next to your Senator's contact information). This will help us more effectively target Congressional staffers in the future.