Defenders of Wildlife

Polar Bear and Cub
Arctic drilling could force polar bear mothers to abandon their cubs.
Stop the Outrageous Assault on Our Arctic Wildlife

Instead of offering real energy solutions, pro-drilling forces in Congress are once more pushing to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Drilling would save consumers a mere penny twenty years from now. It would also ruin a spectacular natural treasure, home to caribou, polar bears, muskoxen, arctic foxes, wolverines, grizzlies, and snow geese.

Don't let Big Oil and their allies in Congress industrialize America's greatest wildlife sanctuary. Please call your Senators today (if there’s no answer please leave a message) -- Tell them that you want real energy solutions, not the industrialization of one of America's greatest wild places!

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Talking Points

To help you on your call, we’ve provided some sample talking points below:

  • Drilling in the Arctic Refuge won't provide relief at the pump. The president's own experts at the Energy Information Administration have indicated that Arctic Refuge oil would reduce gas prices by a mere penny per gallon by 2025.  The first drop of Arctic oil wouldn't come online for 7-10 years. Arctic drilling isn't an energy solution -- it's just another way of prolonging America's oil addiction. 
  • Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would ruin one our nation's greatest wildlife sanctuaries. The Refuge is home to America’s vanishing polar bears, caribou, and millions of migratory birds. Drilling would increase the chance of a disastrous Exxon-Valdez oil spill and disrupt sensitive habitat, forcing frightened polar mothers to abandon their cubs.
  • There are better solutions to Americans’ problems at the pumps. In 2000, when gas prices were much lower, the EPA estimated that just a 3 mile-per-gallon improvement in mileage would save Americans $25 billion per year at the pump -- $230 a year for every American household. That would conserve 1 million barrels of oil per day -- more than would ever come from the Refuge. And it would reduce carbon emissions by 140 million metric tons annually, helping to stop global warming.

If possible, please ask for the name and position of the staff member you speak with and log your call using the link above (next to your Senator's contact information). This will help us more effectively target Congressional staffers in the future.