Defenders of Wildlife

Dolphin Jumping in Ocean (c) NOAAVirginia Deserves A Better Energy Plan

Victory! Thanks to your calls, Governor Tim Kaine has rejected legislation that  would allow the oil, gas & nuclear power industry an "all access pass" to Virginia's fragile coastline, threatening precious marine resources and wildlife.

If you would like to do more to protect our nation's coasts, please click here.

Talking Points:

  • As your constituent and a supporters of Defenders of Wildlife, I am calling today to thank you for rejecting the Virginia Energy Plan (SB262).
  • SB262, The Virginia Energy Plan, would promote lifting the 25-year moratorium that now protects Virginia’s coast from offshore drilling. Removing protections would make our coast a center of energy production and would threaten our beaches, barrier islands, and coastal wetlands.
  • The would promote taxpayer subsidies for large energy companies and make it easier to build more fossil fuel dependent energy sources.
  • Thank you for considering my views.