Defenders of Wildlife

Green Sea Turtle Swimming CloseUpSen. Mark Pryor Favors Industrializing America's Coasts

Your U.S. senator has just introduced a bill that would allow the oil & gas industry unfettered access to our nation's fragile coastlines, threatening precious marine wildlife.

Let Sen. Pryor know now that you want him to protect our sea turtles, porpoises, and sea otters, not just Big Oil's pockets.

Talking Points

  • I am very disappointed that you introduced legislation that would allow oil & gas drilling on portions of our nation's fragile coastlines. This short-sighted move could threaten our beaches, playful dolphins, and endangered sea turtles with oil spills and toxic discharges.
  • Offshore drilling is known to cause more mercury, lead and other toxins in the ocean. These are extremely harmful to marine wildlife.
  • There are cleaner, quicker, cheaper and safer energy solutions that will save consumers money and protect America’s coastal resources and coastal economies.
  • With real solutions like energy efficiency, renewable energy, and making cars go farther on a gallon of gas, we don't need to sacrifice our beaches and coastal waters.

If possible, please ask for the name and position of the staff member you speak with and log your call using the link above (next to your Senator's contact information). This will help us more effectively target Congressional staffers in the future.