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Make the Call and Thank Your Wildlife Hero in Congress!

Composite: Polar Bear in front of the Capitol (USDA, NOAA)Please call your U.S. Representative's Washington, D.C. office between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday and let them know that you appreciate all of his hard to protect our nation's wildlife and wild lands in 2005. Also, urge him to continue his fight in the upcoming year.

To find your elected officials, please enter your ZIP Code. If you live in a split district, you may need to enter your full address.

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Talking Points:

  • I just looked at Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund's 2005 Conservation Report Card and I wanted to show my appreciation to my U.S. Representative for the outstanding work he has done to protect wildlife and the habitat they need to survive.
  • Despite pressure from powerful special interest groups such as the mining, timber, and energy industries, my U.S. Representative took a rare, principled stand and voted for wildlife protection over corporate profits.
  • This year's report card includes votes on two of the most important conservation and wildlife issues in decades: a vote to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and a vote on a substitute bill to that would have stopped the weakening of the Endangered Species Act.
  •  I am proud of my U.S. Representative's courage he demonstrated in 2005 in the fight for our nation's imperiled wildlife and the places they call home.
  • I encourage him to continue his great work in the upcoming battles in 2006 to protect our nation's great wildlife and natural heritage we are all so proud of.