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Red Knot Right now, a migratory shorebird called the Red Knot faces a crisis that threatens its very existence. If government officials don’t act soon, these birds face imminent extinction.

Call your governor TODAY to help save the Red Knot.

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Talking Points

  • Please direct my state’s representatives to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to support a moratorium of the harvest of the Delaware Bay horseshoe crab fishery to allow for the recovery of the highly imperiled shorebird, the Red Knot. These crabs are needed to provide the eggs migrating Red Knots will need to survive next spring.
  • The Red Knot's population has dropped dramatically over the past decade. Shorebird biologists who have studied this species are in agreement that the decline is attributed to the decline in horseshoe crab eggs on beaches in Delaware Bay.
  • Scientists agree that the Red Knot is facing an imminent risk of extinction and that the main way we can avoid extinction is by increasing the number of horseshoe crab eggs.

For more information on the Red Knot, please click here (this link opens a pop-up window).